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Summertime madness…

On the first day of summer, I woke up and poured my coffee like normal. I washed my face, responded to a few emails and texts… It was a pretty average day. Quiet. My two dogs, Emma and Elenor, continued to remain civil yet distant. There was nothing which stood out as extraordinary. On the first day of autumn, I […]

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That very first bestie…

I lucked into my first BFF-ship… Her name is Melanie and she was born next door to me, 9 days before I turned one. Her family was like family to me. In fact, well before I really understood anything about love, relationships, etc- I was determined I would marry her brother. Years after that passed, she snuck away for quiet […]

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Dog Days {of Summer…}

I’ve talked about it here before, but two years ago this month I unexpectedly lost my beloved life companion Paisley. It was a fast, tragic and deeply severing loss. About eight months later I opened my heart up to love an amazingly tiny little blue-tick beagle I lovingly named Knightley and when he died just three months later… Honestly, even […]

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