reclaiming: one

I don’t think I’ve ever been so aware as to track the journey of my Word of the Year on a monthly basis… This time though, with some of the things I am hoping my journey will take me through, it made sense.

Way back in the blogging days, when I did this a lot more regularly, I would do a monthly goal post at the start of the month, and a wrap-up “what I learned” post at the end. This kind of feels a little bit like that, though maybe with a splash of vulnerability and rawness. Who knows.

It’s here now, recorded…

How did I love my inner child?

I changed my apple watch face to be the Care Bears. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVED the Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, and Strawberry Shortcake when I was a kid. (A bit later came Jem!) I bought a My Little Pony t-shirt that little me would have loved. It’s made of that cozy soft cotton and I wore it on the days when I knew I needed that extra comfort. On the colder days, I wore my Prince hoodie. It’s safe to say I’ve felt more connected to little me this month than I ever remember feeling. (over the weekend I also stumbled upon a classic Strawberry Shortcake coloring book and bought that too! My little inner girl is geeking out!)

Reclaim Creativity?

This one is tricky… I had the best of intentions to tackle a new painting project and pick up on my embroidery, which has been sorely neglected. My nerve pain has really struggled this winter and, in the end, I never made it to do either of those in January.

Reclaim me as a writer?

I submitted myself for a couple of opportunities. I’m learning to believe in myself, which is the hardest thing. I also officially committed to a new project, and am throwing my hat in the ring for a couple of freelance submissions. I doubled my writing time this month and that has felt cathartic and wonderful!

As a reader?

I joined the Backlist23 book challenge to read 23 books from my massive TBR pile this year, and it’s going well. In January I knocked 2 of those out, plus a bonus one that I hadn’t mentioned in my 23 list. It’s been so nice to cozy up and read, and that it’s been an opportunity to connect with a community of other readers doing the same thing made it equally as nice!

Reclaim my time?

Time management has never been my strong suit. Last fall I took an honest assessment of how I misspend my time and put plans in place to help, along with lots and lots of grace… My days saw some improvements during January. Little things that wouldn’t look like much to someone else, but it’s a start for me.


See the former sentiment about grace and add to it generic toaster pasties on the flare/crash days, a thousand (possible exaggeration) cups of hot tea, resting in ways that still stimulate my brain, cathartically crying when I need to, audio books when my vision goes a bit whack, and quite a bit of journaling and self check-ins.


Sleeping whenever I could, even if this looked like naps during the day. I am slowly learning to pay attention to my signs and warnings…


My focus this month, for health at least, really centered around the awareness and rest. It’s baby steps, intentionally moving bit by bit, and this is where it was out. In an attempt to reclaim my health, I have to approach it thoughtfully and slowly.

Spiritual Journey?

It is in the gentleness, the grace, and the intention where I believe I keyed in here the most. January held some really beautiful conversations around how my faith has grown and adapted. It also held some odd conversations with a few “well-meaning” people expecting me to answer to them. It’s a journey…

What inspirations or passions did the month hold?

I gained so much inspiration from the series Station Eleven on HBO and can’t wait to read the book!

I am also continually inspired by the writers in my Carpe Diem group! Who knew so much inspiration and brilliance could be in one place?

How am I feeling about the month?

Overall, pretty good. Were adaptations small and gentle? They were. They will likely continue to be. Having a chronic illness is no joke, but this is my one life and I want to not only live it, but live it well. I want to reclaim my life, my health, my everything. January feels like step one and that’s perfect! I’ll take it!

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