Out with the old…

I’m working on a new project. I gently started writing it last fall and it’s slowly coming into its own. Along with the shape this project is taking comes a massive amount of imposter syndrome.

Who am I to tell this story?

Who would even read this boring drivel?

Why did I ever think I could write a second book?

And on, and on… Truth be told, that part hasn’t been so fun.

It’s a raw project– sometimes, as I type things out, I question if I’m ready to take such a journey. Faintly I remember feeling that way with Girls, Assassins & Other Bad Ideas so in this (at least in this area) I’m confident that I’m ready enough. I do wish I loved the process. While it feels so good, and productive, to be writing regularly again I am really struggling to see past the voices questioning me every step of the way.

To combat the voices I’ve begun reacquainting myself with poetry and that part I am loving! (Shhh! Don’t let the manuscript know!) I’m pretty sure, at this point, that whatever this finished project looks like, poetry will play a part.

As you read this please consider sending me all of the good vibes you can manage! Imposter syndrome is this very terrible thing we all deal with at different times in our lifetime. It’s not even altogether an unhealthy thing, it simply comes with the territory of putting ourselves into something. Thanks for the vibes, if you ever need me to I’d be happy to return the favor!