Misty Wagner is Creative Director of Rainy Day in May, an organization cultivating authenticity and connection while empowering individuals to walk through their lives with honesty, as they learn to develop  courage, empathy,  confidence and begin to embrace all aspects of their personal journey, free from shame. You can subscribe to her monthly e-letter here. Misty is also the host of the Rainy Day Collective Podcast. (Listen and Subscribe here)

In addition to her position within Rainy Day in May, Misty is a Life Recovery Mentor.  There are times when past abuse, trauma or other difficult chapters of our journeys may impair us from embracing the truth about ourselves, and moving forward (through healing) in positive and healthy ways.

Do you ever wish you could capture your brave?

Do you feel like you’re the  least worthy person, in a sea of people much greater?

Has life felt like a weight, holding you down and making positive growth feel impossible?

If any of this feels true, Misty can help you not only find your voice, but gain the courage you need to embrace every part of your journey and begin to feel the value that is very real, and specific to you! YOU are worth the effort to find out!

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Misty can’t wait to hear from you!