Misty passionately challenges others to test their boundaries, question their perceptions and move forward on their journeys with choice. With a collection of both experience and knowledge, Misty has been applauded for her ability to engage her audience in honest, inspirational and truly connected ways. Whether it is for a more intimate setting (such as a club, small group, M.O.P.S., Bible study or other home group) or something larger, (such as a women’s retreat, marriage/parenting retreat or conference) Misty is an ideal choice for bringing those attending the session to an authentic place of healing, encouragement, personal growth and connection.

Imagine empowering your attendees with the courage and knowledge needed to fully engage in their personal story!

Past topics, experience and range include:

  • Sexual abuse, coping/healing/growth
  • Adoption/abandonment/related issues
  • Infertility/miscarriage/foster care/loss
  • Marriage/infidelity
  • Depression/anxiety/suicide
  • Overcoming hurt/negative setbacks to reclaim the worth that is deserved
  • Personal testimony of faith

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