The Birthday Worksheet

Below you’ll find The Birthday Worksheet from Cake. For a printable version, go here.


  • Do I value a party with people I love, a quiet and intimate honoring of my day, or an experience more?
  • Do the people in my inner circle realize which type of celebratory event I value?
  • Are there people in my life whom I would prefer to not have around for my celebration?
  • Is there someone I can confide this in, who can guarantee this result?
  • Do I prefer surprises and hands-off planning? (If this answer is YES, you must take the time to communicate this to your partner/circle thoroughly. Use clear and descriptive words like low-key or lavish. Be honest with yourself, and your most trusted. Think of it as though you are the CEO, this is your board, and your life is your company. Remember, when we lie to ourselves and determine our people should “just know”, everyone loses and disappointment is the only guarantee.)
  • Do I hate surprises and want to be in charge of the plan? (if this answer is YES, take initiative. This is empowered and exactly how we show up for ourselves. People who love you will respect this move. Just remember- allow space for those around you to love you honestly too. This means you might get a gift or gesture that orbits outside of your plan, and that’s ok. Taking control of your day because this is what works for you, doesn’t mean you get to act spoiled when it doesn’t. We want our people to truly see and know us, as they celebrate with us- this means that we also allow space for them to be seen and known.)

Evaluation (to be done on/around our birthday):

  • What has been my favorite moment this past year?
  • Who is someone that inspired me, this year?
  • What has been something unexpected?
  • How did I handle it?
  • What color comes to mind, when I reflect on the past year?
  • What was my biggest achievement?
  • What was my biggest lesson this past year?
  • How have I grown over the past year?
  • What is an item/object I acquired in the past twelve months that I love(d)?
  • What was my anthem or most loved song, this year?
  • What are five things I love the most about myself, today?
  • What is a major goal I have for the next year?
  • What is a hope I have, for the next year?
  • If money/time was not an issue, what is something I’d love to do in the next twelve months?
  • I am ______________. I will ______________. I can _______________, because I am _________________ and ________________. I deserve _______________________.