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Desperately seeking Dobby…

This Tuesday morning sunrise has me deep in contemplative thought… As a 42-year-old woman, I have come to certain places within myself. There are things I must sometimes say, do or accept that I never could have mustered the capabilities of several years ago. There are also certain things which, twenty years ago seemed more attainable. Of the latter, I’m […]

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The Nutcracker…

Holiday movies are among my favorite Christmas traditions. I love the feel of it, and still enjoy getting dressed up to go. Have you seen the trailer for The Nutcracker and the Four Realms??? Despite the fact that it is showing before pretty much every movie, of any genre, it is mesmerizingly beautiful! There is so much imagination within this […]

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Summertime madness…

On the first day of summer, I woke up and poured my coffee like normal. I washed my face, responded to a few emails and texts… It was a pretty average day. Quiet. My two dogs, Emma and Elenor, continued to remain civil yet distant. There was nothing which stood out as extraordinary. On the first day of autumn, I […]

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