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When she was around the tiny age of this little blonde hair, blue eyed nugget, Mae sat criss-cross-applesauce on the center of a braided rug, surrounded by every single board/picture book she owned. Unsure of how to articulate what she was searching for, she patiently scoured all of the pages, knowing she was not finding it but also that she desperately needed to. Finally, a bit defeated, these words were birthed from her little girl mouth- I am going to write books and things, to help people when I’m bigger! This became her singularly focussed goal/dream.

Over the years of (what has sadly become normal for most girls) her journey led her down many painful and abusive/lonely paths, but still she searched for that something. She dreamed of the way her voice could be one of light to other broken and wounded people. She wrote, she submitted, she shared, she spoke, but what that once-small girl-grown-woman had not really considered was that she just wasn’t ready yet. Mae had to live the hard and the extraordinary chapters in order to dig down into the wreckages of others and sit there with them, until they were ready to climb out.

Sometimes knowing your purpose, deep down in your core, and yet not knowing how to get there can feel just as lost as not knowing it at all. Just like she said, today Mae lives the life that girl knew she would. It looks a lot different because it isn’t just about books and written things, but also life, loving, sacrifice and living the things.

Why Rainy Day in May? Back in 1998, when the internet was making its way into homes more regularly, Mae began to find her voice. She truly began (unknowingly, then) this journey that small girl foretold. (It happened naturally and took years to take notice because that is kind of how purposes unfold sometimes!) There, in the beginning though, the every bruised and battered, cautiously fearful 22-year-old felt terrified to put her name out there on the World Wide Web. Her other dilemma was that she was not at all creative, despite her someday-writer dreams… Very uncreatively, she played on her birth name and Misty Mae became, on a whim, Rainy Day in May. Not at all clever, but it stuck. It fit, and over the years those four little words have managed to grow into something pretty meaningful!

On an amazing adventure with her husband since 1994, Mae occasionally writes here on her blog Rainy Day in May. You can also hear her on her podcast The Rainy Day Collective.  Speaking engagements (something she never expected!) have also become a passion. She feels very strongly about connection, relationships and authenticity. She shares photos & microblogs from her life, the good/bad/ugly (but always authentic) on her Instagram.  If you would like to connect, have access to freebies, and all sorts of behind-the-scenes info, please click here.

Also, for any other inquiries, including speaking engagement information, please follow this link.

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  1. Hello! i am new to your blog, yet already intrigued!
    I am passing along the Versatile Blogger Award to you!
    I hope that you accept this as a “you are so awsome I just had to share it” award!
    Keep blogging!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my recent post ‘Emerging Light’ – your support is greatly appreciated.. even more so with the encouragement of following me. I like your blog and look forward to reading more as I have time. :) Take care – Stan

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