It’s a lot- this idea of homeschooling again while working from home… And striving for health… and… and… and. 
I am overwhelmed, folks… 
There is A LOT going on right now, in our lives… It’s a good time, for sure, to have Genny back home. We kicked off our “semester” yesterday, trying out a new co-op. It was WAY different than the other two we’ve done, but not bad. Just different. 
I open my blog and the curser just flashes at me. I have no idea what to say, or how to respond to it’s demanding my attention NOW. 
I don’t know what to say. 
I am unsure of the future, but then again, who isn’t? 
I am nervous about taking this on… but then again who wouldn’t be? 
I feel overwhelmed… 
So, deep breaths are happening here. Stressing less than I would have imagined- but mind consumed all the same. Some time ago my friend passed this site on to me, and I am planning to utilize it to the hilt, when I have a minute… In the meantime- here is me… 
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