Smooth criminal…

This will be but a distant memory, any day now, but at 12:12 a.m., on January 1st, 2012, Chw shaved off his goatee. Back, way forever ago in the mid 90’s, my husband would shave it off and everyone would remark about what a 12 year old he looked like. For a two-fold set of reasons, he stopped shaving it off- (1}he liked the goatee, and 2}he didn’t want to look like a 12 year old) until this past Sunday morning. 
Suffice it to say, that’s a long time to go without shaving. Though kissing smoothness was sort of nice- (and weird because, well, it’s been almost 20 years of kissing facial hair) It was pretty much unanimous that the goatee must return. Even Lucas, over skype, was not impressed with Chw’s sudden smoothness… 
and for the record, he looked older than 37, which he was NOT expecting… 
Genny was the most taken aback by it though… repulsed, one could say… {in her defense, she did spend the day immediately following this moment, throwing up. She rang in the new year with the tummy flu.}

Pretty funny, right? :)
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4 thoughts on “Smooth criminal…

  1. Ha! It really doesn't look bad, but I definitely get how shocking it can be to see someone without facial hair. My uncle – who has had a goatee as long as I have known him – debuted the clean shaven look over Christmas. The result? He looked just like Grampa. In the end, probably not what he was going for!

  2. hahaha, this made me laugh so hard. especially the picture of genny reaching to touch his face … that look in her eyes, lol.i'm the same way when it comes to colin. as much as i complain about his facial hair it is really quite disturbing when he shaves it off.

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