Sugar Sugar…

I don’t know why I’ve spent the great part of this year, {ha ha ha} using cheesy song titles of bad references to head my blog. I want to be sorry, but truthfully whenever I see that empty title line- these are the only things that come to mind… 
anyway, moving on. 
In December my best friend was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Dealing with debilitating migraines for the whole of her life, and a strange iron issue which left her nearly fighting for her life a couple of years back, this was a major shock. My biological father is a diabetic so this is something I keep a close eye on. My glucose levels remain fine, as do cholesterol and everything else, but I knew this was going to mean some big changes for her and I promised to journey along side her as she changed her life. 
Life has a funny sense of humor though, because unbeknownst to me- a week later Chw was routinely tested for insurance purposes at work and is borderline Type 2. 
So, now I’ve got no choice… 
Any tips? 
We eat pretty healthy already… Chw has a major sweet tooth though and loves things like TJ’s JOJOs, oreos, and girl scout cookies… He has been known to spend more evenings than not with a bowl of them and a glass of ice cold milk… 
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3 thoughts on “Sugar Sugar…

  1. Increase protein and non-starchy veggies; cut back on sugar and grains/starches and anything refined or processed, and above all — weight-bearing exercise 2-3 days per week. I was in CHW's place 5 years ago when I started working with my trainer, and now my doctor is practically in happy tears when she calls with my bloodwork results.

  2. Agree with the first comment. Off topic, I was just telling mike the other day that you are so creative, even all your titles are cool – and that they must come SO easy to you!! Guess I was wrong on that second part (cause u are creative!)

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