I am taking part in this weeks Five Minute friday, even though I wasn’t planning on it due to the letters. Reading  Gypsy Mama’s post this morning really tugged at my heart strings… 
So here goes… 
The giggle of a toe headed, ringlet crowned girl reminds me of something I often ignore. It isn’t ever that i forget because I am way too smart for that. 
No, i grab hold of a reason to feel another thing- be it resentment or sadness, self pity or exhaustion, and I simply pretend like joy isn’t mine to have. 
Joy during the dark storm clouds. During the fat droplets of umbrella-less rain. 
Joy when sleep stubbornly refuses to come my way. 
Joy when my pot boils over, because is it not a blessing to have the bubbling water, source of cooking and pasta anyhow? 
It’s so easy to think of. Easy to convict myself of all of the reasons to find joy in every second of every moment, in every moment of every day. Easy. 
And yet. 
Yet, i flee from it for something more comfortable- something ugly. 
Something I believe to be more me. 
Seeing truth in this joylessness, seeing the honesty in my reason might not be enough to remember to grasp for the option less chosen. But it also might be the motivation I need. 
Today. Now. At 8:20 in the morning I’ve embraced joy and I’m not letting go… 
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7 thoughts on “Joy…

  1. I clicked over from The Gypsy Mama. It certainly does need to be a choice sometimes! And why is that we sometimes want to choose the ugly? May you be lifted as you hold tight to the joy you're embracing today!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)I can relate to that… sticking to something ugly just because I think "it's more me".I guess when we're aware of how imperfect we are, we believe somehow we're supposed to be punished living in shame and ugliness. It's never too late to choose joy though. :)

  3. I love how you chose joy and decided to grab hold of it all day.Thanks for the leaving the comment today Misty. I hope you have a joy filled weekend too. Rosanne

  4. …."and I simply pretend like joy isn't mine to have." Oh can I relate to that. Although with me, I don't even know it I have to pretend. (How sad is that!) But, like you, I'm learning joy is a choice, and like you, I'm determined to catch it, and hold onto it with everything I have.Great post-~Stacy

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