On Fridays, Kate issues a simple writing prompt into the vast internet. Those of us who wish, write free flow style, for five minutes and then we link up to share, support and encourage others. It’s pretty great. If you haven’t read theirs, you should… This week’s writing prompt is: RESTORE ~ This is, perhaps a letter. A gentle, pleading note to the core of me- my soul… to the world around my spirit which needs to loosen its grip (or at least handle me more kindly)… A plea maybe, most of all, to the God who designed, orchestrates and holds it all within the palms of His hands… Restore within me an eye for the goodness surrounding me, that I might see the specks of its glitter sparkle amidst the settling dust and ash. It is there. It has to be. I know it is… Or do I simply believe it? And are they the same? I am wondering. No, I am wandering… I am lost. Nearly three years of uncertainty and sadness pull me beneath that space where water meets air. Over again I kick to the surface, inhaling sharply before I am dragged back down again. Feet slamming into the murky floor of a depth rising as the seconds pass. The pressure builds, my strength wanes. I can’t imagine having the ability to kick much more, yet off I go. How many times has it been now? Even […]

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