Fly, Fly Away…

Five Minute Friday is upon us again, and this is where I’d love to put some clever remark about time going so quickly- especially with the writing prompt for today! The truth is that, for me, this week has seemed to last forever… If this is your first time seeing a Five Minute Friday post, our lovely host Kate gives a writing prompt, we free flow write for 5 minutes and then link up with others. Now that we all know what’s happening here, lets begin:


This week’s prompt made me cringe a little, to be honest. I am a little surprised that I reacted that way.

As the word danced around my mind I saw, in slow motion, the transition it took. From my distaste for flying in air planes, to the unwanted summer pests that grate my nerves. My mind began to play, like a jukebox paid by suggestion, the Foo Fighters. As if bleeding slowly, through it all, a remorse seeped in over the lack of funds available to buy the airline tickets I really should buy.

A trip to the Southwest to see dear family friends… And endless supply of tickets to Seattle to spend time with my son, his beautiful wife and their captivating little daughter…

She turns two next weekend, and though I adore her and feel so absolutely blessed to be her mimi, I daily grow to despise this distance between us so much.

This, of course, brings me to time.

Time flies.

Long weeks aside, it truly does… A baby born turns two and the minutes I have spent with her are nominal- and she doesn’t even really know my voice.

And this makes me sad…

Does my time pass quickly on the current of sadness? Sad songs, sad distance, sad news, sad expenses, sadness over the growing list of things I truly desire to do, and do not.

Does the flow which is joy driven move more swiftly, or is it easier traveling that way, to savor and take the lovely in? Perhaps the sadness is just easier because it is more honest? I imagine that raft is simpler to board.

And maybe I just have attention deficit, unable to stay on one track, to focus on one aspect of this word which I am tasked to write today- instead a parade of perspectives fly with the speed of light, through my mind.

{Fun fact, which made me smile- Black and Blue Bird, a new song by Dave Matthews, came on while I was writing this. As I was typing the words, he sang the speed of light. These are the little God-nod moments which I tuck into my heart to carry with me.}


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(Speaking of personal… Episode 6 of the Collective podcast is live! We’re chatting with Maegy as she shares her journey through being adopted, dealing with attachment issues and transitioning into being a mom and wife. Authentic and beautiful, our little Collective community is so glad she shared!)

6 thoughts on “Fly, Fly Away…

  1. “Does my time pass quickly on the current state of sadness?” Boy, is that a good question to ask myself daily! I too find myself in a state of sadness…I feel like I am living in a state of waiting until we have enough money…nearly ten years have gone by with me feeling that way. An entire decade…living for the until instead of living for the today that God has given me. I need to let God show me how to embrace the season I am in! Great article. I love your style!

  2. I’m sorry you are so far apart from your granddaughter and that you haven’t had much chance to see her. Praying that it will work out for you to see her soon. Time is so complicated- how sometimes it drags and other times it seems to fly. I enjoyed reading your reflections.

  3. Thoughtful and haunting post, Misty.

    I find myself in a kind of time-stasis; terminal illness has ensured that I will not grow old, and that, being property-bound now, I don’t see changes in people or places. I just who I always was, the mercenary soldier who has a fresh enemy

    Your mention of the Foo Fighters put me in mind of their fun ‘Learn To Fly”. But even more telling for me now is “Walk”; I hope it’s OK that I share the video with you here?

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