It’s Friday, I’m in love…

Happy Friday, lovely readers…

I cannot believe that next Friday it will be June. JUNE?!?!? How in the world did that happen?

This week has been overwhelming! I have met, read letters from and had phone calls with so many brave women. Some of them are reading this post. (thank you, I truly do value you) My heart has never been more full of gratitude and an unfathomable amount of love before. The journeys, the bravery, the uniqueness of women… So many different details, and yet most of their paths have (at one point or another) led to the same pit of shame and isolation. Your path, my path. While we are all wishing we’d vacationed in the same, all-inclusive, tropical resort- it is instead the secret place of shame we have all shared experience with.

This is both sad, and unifying. This walk is sometimes so dark and lonely, but the more we share- I am so glad we get to walk together…

By Thursday evening I had put forty-seven hours of work in, between writing and podcast related things. When I reflect back on the week, it’s a little challenging to sort through the work stuff to remember the best parts, beyond that because the truth is- the work is the best part.

I am nothing if not relentless, so, I managed to have five things to share with you:

  1. This blog post, was lovely. While I read quite a few great things around the web, throughout the week, this one really resonated and stuck with me.
  2. There hasn’t been a lot of sleep this week. (no, that isn’t something I have loved…) I did manage to finish (finally) Season Two of Divorce (HBO) finish the latest season of The Great British Bake-off (Netflix) and watch Evil Genius (Netflix) and true story: The final episodes of one of them made me cry like a baby. If you can guess correctly, you’ll get a gold star! (sidenote: Though not a clue to my challenge in the sentence below, i did want to say that I really do love anything Mark Dupless does. Pure talent!) (also- I tried really hard to love Masterpiece’s Little Women, but I just couldn’t. I was 100% sure it would make this list, but I could only make it through 2/3rds of the first episode.)
  3. A sweet friend urged me to go to her house and cut a bunch of lilac to bring home. It has smelled exquisite here since Monday!
  4. I have a pretty love/sad-disappointment relationship with Sophie Kinsella’s books. For my birthday my friend sent me this one, and I finally began reading it this week. I’m a little ways in and, though I really do like the style and maturity her writing has gained, the actual subject matter has me bristling a bit. I’m hoping it gets better…
  5. I love a good mask, there is no secret there… And while I typically talk pretty regularly about face mask stuff, I fail to mention how much i LOVE a good hair mask. My favorite is this one. You should absolutely try it. You’re welcome.

As always, i would love to hear what you’ve loved this week. Most of your answers tend to come to me as email replies. Thanks for subscribing and reading, however you choose! This will be the last “traditional” Friday post, (wah wah) and it’s number 33. Perfectly imperfect number to transition with, don’t you think? (in case you’re curious, it was about a year.)




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