Better six days late…

than never…

I had ever intention of getting my MARCH post up, on March 1st. Ideally, I should have started working on it prior to March 6th… It has been completely insane over here though, there have been so many things to do, for so many projects with deadlines or other time sensitive issues. It’s been fun, but a bit CRAZY!

Every day I have to sadly transfer “March post” from the previous day’s to-do list, to the current. Oh well, what can you do? Six days late is better than sixteen. Or Sixty. Can you imagine me posting this in May? Yikes…


– work on editing, rewriting and polishing my manuscript. Still. Forever.{ The day this isn’t on my list, I will replace it with “do happy dance”, and I will do it too! }
– continue to try NEW things.
– celebrating my dearest friends, in small ways, throughout my birth month, because I’m so grateful to have them in my life.
– Celebrating a month of family birthdays.
– Genny’s birthday party.
– A visit with Amanda. (miss her so much!)
– I’m focussing on more intentional reading (less fluff) throughout the season of Lent.
– journal more.
– I’ve been really negligent on paper crafting stuff so I need to work on some cards and maybe a separate project or two.
– Writing challenge project for my online writer’s group.
– a birthday surprise for my husband, who turns forty in a couple of months.
– Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist (still)
Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist 
Tales from a Blue Bike
Storyline By Donald Miller
– finding, DIYing or renovating a table for our bedroom.
– regular gym workouts.
– yoga
– Continuing with my fitbit flex, which i still LOVE…
– continuing with our intentional date challenge.
– going away for a quick weekend, together. Something we have only really done once, for a concert, and most of that was driving.
What is your March looking like?

5 thoughts on “Better six days late…

  1. March is getting away from me already. I need to put my free time on a schedule … which seems a little sick … but it needs to happen!

  2. I LOVE how you organized this post, I may have to “steal” the template ande try this out on my family blog….LOVE IT. will you text me your address, yes I’m terrible at keeping addresses. One day I will have an address book and won’t have to keep asking :) HA

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