Desperately seeking sunshine…

sun in hands

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The highlight of my week has been driving down the road and seeing patches of grass visible amidst the mass amounts of snow that I fear will never (ever, ever) go away. I absolutely blame this winter funk for my blog negligence. I’ve been pretty MIA on twitter, instagram, and all around everything really. It’s a little sad. You have to understand, I’m a desert girl at heart. By my birthday, it’s warm enough to be outdoors doing all of those wonderful outdoorsy things like riding bikes, barbecues with friends, pool parties, etc. (granted, I don’t have a pool… BUT, if I lived somewhere more desert and less tundra, I absolutely (probably) would!)

I’m just winter jaded, seasonally depressed… My house has beautiful windows, everywhere I look. This is something I loved about it, when it wasn’t perpetually Antarctica. Every time the sun shines through the grey haze of Michigan sky, I ache to go lay in the grass and just soak in its rays. The very real threat that frostbite poses, does deter me. I have a beautiful, easy facing deck, but the 3 feet of solid ice inhabiting it also keeps me from taking up sun-soaking residence there.

I wish I could share with you all of the wonderful things I’ve been doing instead. All of the productive writing (er, editing…) I’ve been doing, or the photography projects I’ve taken on, or the exciting travels I’ve adventured about with. Alas’, there is nothing. No great books that I’ve read, no new and exciting music to share. Nothing.


In fact, as I sit here and type this post I’m wondering what I’ve been doing these past 9 days? Where have I been? For the first time in my life I feel like I’ve actually been in a fog… Creepy. This is obviously an emergency. Where are my sunshine state friends? I need a respite, stat!

2 thoughts on “Desperately seeking sunshine…

  1. I sure wish I could send you some sunshine and green grass to lay on. I’ve never lived anywhere that was dreary for days on end. I know you might hate me, but I do enjoy the hazy days we get here…..makes me lighten up my SPF. *crossing my fingers that spring hits your home soon and you’ll be out of the fog and into the light!!!

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