– recovering from this back injury and getting to a whole point where I can be active again.
– trying not to take the ability to do simple things like cook dinner and fold laundry, for granted again.

– My manuscript (for editing purposes, when my son isn’t home.) 
– the Walking Dead.
– Christmas movies 
– spending time with Lucas!!!
– Meeting his girlfriend, who is flying in from the Midwest.
– having a lovely Thanksgiving while Lucas is home on R & R.
– Lucas really is our main November focus/priority and we aren’t thinking much beyond the time he is home because we want it to last forever… 
– Getting back into a disciplined quiet time with God. (it’s amazing how quickly I get out of that habit. Hate it.) 
– Finish a few Christmas gifts that we have going on.
– some sort of a sofa table.
– a wall collage.
– a few photo sessions.
– Christmas cards. 
– Finishing up the family room.
– adorning home for the holidays. 
– Back care.
– Water.
– Stretching.
– destressing. 
– a date would be lovely. I’ll work on that.
– Devotions together.

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