the not-so-incredible…

I guess 36 is a little too old to sit in a car for close to ten hours and not move. Weird right? 
Apparently I thought I could just hop out of that car, at the end of the trip and go about my normal agenda… 
In all fairness, the reason I attempted not to move was because I was on day four of a killer migraine and hadn’t slept in equally as long. Suddenly, in the car, I couldn’t stay away and when I did wake up, (at opportune times to get out and stretch) my head was pounding so hard that I chose to continue trying to sleep and killing the headache. 
SOMEONE should have smacked some sense into me… 
Aside from the headache, which continue to wreak havoc, I was pretty ok UNTIL I got into my husband’s tiny little hybrid (Which is what we made our ginormous long road trip to NM (and back) in. Now, it appears something as harmless as simply sitting in that seat again, after a few days out of it, has thrown my back out. 
It’s ridiculous. 
It’s ludicrous. 
It’s one hundred percent true. 
It has been one heck of a hard week, (and is exactly why I don’t have photos up yet of this) but the good news is that my chiropractor will be back in the office tomorrow, after a long trip over seas… 
so maybe this is pretty incredible after all! 
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