This month our family had the privilege of taking an unexpected road trip. There is something so therapeutic about having an open road, scenery, great music and interesting conversation to really stimulate your brain in ways home just can’t seem to.  Honestly, for me, it seems that only real ocean air and a road trip have that affect… 
What this particular trip helped me realize is the new era of adulthood we are entering into… 
We married super young and we struggled. We became parents and certain emotional special needs were a bit debilitating. There were things that others were able to do that we couldn’t, when an actual dinner party or date night were a struggle. Now though, we are transitioning into a new phase and i am realizing that it’s time for a change… 
Like, date nights are awesome but the husband and I NEED to tun away every six months, or so, for a long weekend. We need that reconnect time… It’s vital. 
But wait, that’s not all… 
I need girl time. Monthly girl’s night outs… Annual girl weekends… 
And so does he… Guy time. Guy nights. Guy weekends… (of the fishing and man variety, NOT of the Hangover/Vegas variety of course…) 
And priority dates with Gen. It’s key… Sure she tags along to a movie, or we grab dinner. But PRIORITY dates, on occasion, just to rejuvenate the batteries… 
Also, we need more road trips and ocean time… But then again, I realize that every morning when I open my eyes. :) 
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  1. Love those realizations! It is impossible for us to have date night once a week, but it would be nice to have one once a month. Someone gave us the advice to get away every six months, but we never started until about 5 years ago with Honey's work trips. After skipping the Hawaii trip, we missed our time together so much, we make it a point to go now whether work pays for it or not:) We took the kids with us this summer…but it just so happens that along with a rockstar year comes a second trip and it's in a couple of weeks. We will be going sans kids and we CANNOT wait. (Especially since this is shaping up to be a less than rockstar year…both of us just need a boost.)If work wasn't paying for it, we would be going to less exotic places, but AWAY none the less. Girlfriend weekends ROCK…even if it's to NOWHERE, USA…just a change of scenery and no family duties will do wonders for your contentment factor.Hoping you get to take advantage of these realizations SOON!

  2. Billy and I used to talked and get frustrated together about how many different kinds of time we needed. Date nights, getaways, one-on-one with each kid, family time. Ugh… it was overwhelming. How do you fit it all in!We're getting to a point with his work and our kids' ages that it's getting easier. We use a local church program as a babysitter twice a month and do dates. I take time during the day to spend with kids individually while others do chores or play in their rooms. The getaway happens at our anniversary.

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