Something incredible happened…

Chw and I are just an average couple. I am sure I could gather ya’ll in a circle and tell you any old story and you fellow wives (or husbands?) would sit back nodding, saying your mmmhmms, because you’ve likely been there… 
So when I tell you (for the hundred millionth, bazillionth time) that i love to decorate, most of you will totally understand. 
What I have been slow to mention here is the great sadness that our beautiful, wonderful and amazing daughter Amanda moved to the midwestern part of our United States last week- (*insert moment of sad silence here*). 
Something else I have (i think) been slow to mention is that I am unbelievably behind on editing my novel for publication because it is a freaking oven, in my office, at any point past ten in the morning… 
So, recap: 
– love to decorate. 
– Amanda (frown) moved away. 
– office=inferno roughly 19 hours a day. 
Surely you see where I’m going with this… Wednesday evening the husband says to me, “Wife, what do you want to do with Amanda’s depressingly empty room?” He left a cushion moment for tears and sobbing (from me) and then continued with “I think we should move your office downstairs.” 
I consoled myself with thoughts on decor that wouldn’t cost a dime. (I am pretty skilled like that.) And then we came to the crashing realization that my black, grey and yellow office EVERYTHING wasn’t going to fit in with her denim colored walls AT ALL… And you know what- that wouldn’t be a huge deal except- well, except I am petty about dumb, shallow things like that and it would drive me crazy… PLUS, as a writer, I need a good, creative and harmonious space. So yeah… It was replace office EVERYTHING, or paint. 
For $12 he bought a beautiful can of paint. 
Here’s where the incredible starts to surface… 
You see, my man, he is an AMAZING man. He is a GREAT man. He is a hard worker and super perfectionist extraordinaire… 
My man is also a wee bit of a procrastinator. 
The biggest thing he puts off (for eternities of time) is painting… 
Point 2: My dear, sweet husband NEVER likes the paint colors i choose, until they are on the wall. Then, he loves them… But before, i hear all about how horrible they are going to look and what an apocalyptic nightmare this is going to be… 
My office is painted. {Woo Hoo!!!} 
It’s a shade pretty close to Almost Black. I thought he’d have a heart attack when I suggested it, via paint chip, and slowly psyched myself for CPR. 
But it’s done. it’s almost black… And true to form- he LOVES it… 
What incredible sorts of somethings did your weekend hold? 
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