Fan club president position for dibs…

I am pretty sure that my optometrist is my biggest fan. 
Next to him would be his receptionist. 
When a half hour appointment spreads to an hour and a half because said people are beside themselves, with enthusiasm, about my soon to be published book- one can’t help but smile. 
Or at least I couldn’t. 
Which was a good thing because eye appointments always leave me with an impending migraine. 
Reason #2 that this egocentric smiling occurred would be when my new prescription sunglasses broke my bank at over $200. 
It’s unfortunate that I have to have them. {Have to wear wrapped sunglasses, not clip-ons, due to extreme light sensitivity}
Earlier, during my time in their office, the receptionist, {who is pretty much the SWEETEST person ever} was going on and on about how I was going to make bank. I didn’t want to burst her bubble with the reality that only the rare freak instances {E.L. James}, sell outs and a small 2% of the rest of authors actually come close to making a good income. It was sweet that she thought I would be attending my next appointment filthy rich. 
Anyway, back to my optometrist. Sweetest guy. I would recommend him to anyone. He even pitched me a story, which my husband later thought would make an incredible movie. 
I also learned a lot about my eye disorder, which was really great. I guess that’s a perk to really being someone
Next thing you know, the Biebs himself will be sending me tickets to his tour. {Oh wouldn’t Genny die of complete and utter happiness.} There are certainly days when I wish such fame were a reality. Then again, if I were to have such power- I would simply use it to woo George Clooney into presidency. 
I am, after all, a single focus girl…
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7 thoughts on “Fan club president position for dibs…

  1. Oh no – no, no, no – there is no greater fan than "Muah" – Me, me, me!!! I've been working on my foreword for YEARS – YEARS in utter anticipation of this book. I am already preparing my schedule for the book tour to which I will hold open the book as you sign your name to the inside of the cover and we will send your fans along in an orderly fashion … I have a system worked out in my brain for this already! I am your fan club president, book holder opener, schedule planner, make sure you have time for you and in our spare time – George Clooney campaign trail girls! I love you Myst … I've believed in you for YEARS …. this story is incredible! (Just like the author) Can't wait for you to introduce yourself to the world – You are so ready for this!

  2. Oh I enjoyed this post, funny!I tend to buy only $10 sunglasses (non-Rx) because1. I lose them OR2. I sit on them and break them OR3. The kids take them!

  3. How exciting to be having a book coming out!! And to have fans already…what could be more fun! :-)Thanks for stopping by my blog!And, hopefully, I will get to read the book one day.

  4. I missed it. I knew you were writing (you've kept the topic a secret) But I didn't know you were publishing! I want details. As in a Whole POST devoted to the book, what it's about, the editing, and who is publishing!

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