Talk about presidential progress…

With so many pointing out Obama’s flaws and Romneys possibilities/flaws, I thought I would step out and do something I vowed to never do on my blog. 
Talk politics. 
With a son who is deployed, and a family (including myself) deeply committed to being proud Americans, I obviously have political interests and opinions. Granted, they may not be as passionate or informed as some, but they aren’t ignorantly lemming based either. 
I believe in voting. 
I believe that EVERYONE has the responsibility (not opportunity- RESPONSIBILITY) to vote. 
People who shirk this responsibility deeply disappoint me. 
On that note, I also believe in educating yourself (not what celebrities or well meaning friends tell you that you should do, but actually reading yourself) on the candidates (with ACTUAL facts) and their agendas. Then, I don’t care if you vote for Elmo- at least you came to that decision of your own mind… 
Which leads me to the coming election… 
More than anything I want a president who has a heart for ALL people, and who is honest. As we are referring to a human being though, we have to realize that entirely honest may not be very realistic. In any case, please allow me to nominate my pick for our next president: 
George Clooney. 
He DOES have a heart for people. 
He uses his success to help so many, and surrounds himself with friends who (like them or not) do the same. If they can’t help them, they adopt them. 
Just kidding. {I really am kidding. I think I am one of 8 others who think it’s awesome that the Jolie-Pitts adopt everyone.} 
He has great roots, a great story, a great sense of self with just the right amount of humility. 
He is dignified. 
Some people would choose now to point out a bit of a womanizing pattern, but that’s hardly anything new in the White House so I won’t even allow it to defer my plan. 
Where was I? 
I don’t remember… 
Anyway, just look at him! He’s a great guy who cares about people, uses his power for good instead of evil AND looks like that. 
Worst case scenario- he turns into a complete monster. We could still look at him so as far as I’m concerned, we are in a win/win situation. 
Back in the ER days, my mom used to say “George Clooney could park his boots beside my bed any day.” I remember groaning and saying “mom, he is SO OLD.” because I was 20, and he had grey hair. But now? Not that I am 36 he looks exactly the same, if not better… 
So he’s magical too. 
George Clooney for President!
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9 thoughts on “Talk about presidential progress…

  1. HAHAHAHA, I love this. Heck, he's got my vote. But I don't know that I could ever pay attention to his talks on foreign policy without getting lost in those magical eyes of his. Yum. Love your blog, love your mom. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. My parents have already agreed to go on more vacations so that we can have more sleepovers. Win-win. :)

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