The brighter side…

Can it really already be March 13? 
That seems crazy to me. Shouldn’t that make Christmas be practically next week, or something? 
So. Do things go in seasons in your world? I don’t mean seasons like the 4 basic annual ones. No, I mean seasons of plenty and seasons of struggle, and that sort of thing. 
Our first mistake, I suspect, was kicking 2011 in the rear on it’s way out- and naively welcoming 2012 with open arms. 
2012 is a manipulative sneak is what it is. 
Ya’ll, I don’t know what life has been like for you but OUR year has been painfully hard- every day- since 1/1. It stinks. It has been wrought with MAJOR family problems, health issues, more family problems, more health issues and now this pesky need for LOTS of money, uber fast. 
As if that wasn’t enough, our sweet puppy has been deathly sick, pretty much monthly. We noticed last night that her ear has this weird, raw/bloody issue, so to the vet I go this morning. Again. 
AND, this morning at our 5:30 a.m. breakfast Chw points out that we don’t have a lawn mower. 
No we don’t… 
Ours died last fall and we just assumed, come spring, we wouldn’t be in dire need of uber amounts of money- and we could just buy one. 
In other news, it is Lucas’ birthday! Even though he’s not here- (Germany is SO lucky right now!) we can’t help but keep him in our hearts and thoughts and wish him a happiest of birthdays… I am so dang proud of him, and honestly- none of the other junk matters. These kids of ours make life amazing. 
image courtesy of Kelly Peone Photography
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5 thoughts on “The brighter side…

  1. You make me smile Misty. Despite all the crap you're going through, you still make me smile everyday. I'm so grateful for you!AND.. Happy Birthday to Lucas! :)

  2. First off: LOVE that picture of Lucas! Awesome!!!Secondly, sorry to hear the year has been off to a rough start. Praying it only gets better for you all from here!((HUGS))

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