When there’s nothing left to say…

I started a whiny, ranty post and then changed my mind. 
I decided to sit here until i could think of something truly incredible to say. 
I’ve been sitting for awhile now and my bum hurts. 
So, instead, I’m listing my meal plan- which I never, ever do. Mostly though, the hope with listing said meal plan, is that I will actually stick to it. (something I haven’t been doing well, at all.) 
You likely do not care what we are eating, or which meal in which it will consumed. 
but trust me, this is the BEST i’ve got… 

B- cereal, fruit
D- Roasted red pepper pasta with sauteed sun dried tomatoes, garlic and asparagus
B- oatmeal, toast, berries
D- Swedish sauteed mushrooms over roasted garlic and asiago mashed potatoes, Kale
B- Spinach, potato and bacon skillet
D- Mini Turkey loaves filled with cheddar, Roasted brussel sprouts.
B- Cereal, fruit
D- Stir Fry and vegetarian pot stickers
B- Muffins and smoothies
D- Jaimie oliver’s Cauliflower and Mac n/cheese, roasted broccoli
B- biscuits with Green Gravy 
D- Ugly chicken, steamed chili pepper cabbage, Irish Soda Bread 
B- Blueberry french toast
D- Taco night
Baking/kitchen this week, on my home day
home made tortilla chips 
blueberry muffins
strawberry muffins
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7 thoughts on “When there’s nothing left to say…

  1. ok… so pretty much chicken breasts dipped in BBQ sauce, rolled in parmesan and then rolled in crushed french fried onions- and baked. So disgusting to look at but REALLY delicious.

  2. Misty, your such a talented writer that even your menu sounds beautiful. So, have you gone from meatless Monday to meatless most days?I always think of you when I see the jar of butternut pasta sauce in my pantry. :)

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