We don’t get to talk often…

Dearest Joy and Jennie, 
I am sorry that we don’t get to talk as often as I would like for us to. This adulthood gig is often a bit harder than I had once thought. It’s amazing how the early morning can dawn a brand new day with a fresh clean slate, and after three blinks and a whole lot of rushing- it’s past time for bed. 
How does that time warp happen? 
Despite not talking as often as I would like. Despite not seeing each other as often as I’d like- which, for the record, I’d like more than talking… I want you both to know I love you. 
I love you and I am always there for you. 
I love your kids… Your beautiful families. 
You are both beautiful mothers. I know this, even if I don’t talk to you as often as I’d like… Even if I barely get to see you. Your babies are so blessed to have your love… 
I love that my childhood is entwined with yours. For twelve years, before I was led to your doorstep, I begged God for a sister. Even then, as those childhood tears hit my pillow- God knew I would someday have three. While it is a horribly tragic thing that the world has to have children’s homes and foster care- there aren’t words to tell you how grateful I am, that my sad path led me to you. 
Thank you for sharing your amazing parents. 
Thank you for playing in the Holly Hobby kitchen, for remembering last lines in books (that I don’t even remember), for sharing a passion for 90’s flicks, and for being such beautiful, strong and amazing girls-turned-women. Thank you for opening your hearts to me still, beyond the CCR days. Thank you for loving my family and from the deepest depths of my soul thank you for keeping me in the loop and including me in the intimate and agonizing time surrounding the loss of mom. 
I am so proud of you both. 
Proud to know you. 
Proud to love you. 
Proud to call you my sisters…  
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2 thoughts on “We don’t get to talk often…

  1. I would have remembered the last lines if you hadn't mentioned it…I think it was "and I had never had a friend to hold hands with." I will always think of you as my big sister…

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