LIFE Well Lived Mornings…

I was recently invited by Blogher’s LIFE Well Lived to be a panelist and answer the following questions: 
What is the biggest time waster/issue you have when getting you and your family ready in the morning?  
What tips do you have to save time in the morning to get everyone out and ready on time?

Considering all of the whining I was doing in regards to having to establish to an early morning routine as everything about our morning lives was changing- I felt a wee bit proud that this was something I actually had something useful to say. 

I answered“Making decisions is the biggest morning time waster. I make sure that everything, from outfits, to breakfast, to errands are lined out the night before so that our mornings are smooth, quick and stress free!”

I totally stand by my answers. On occasion that 5 a.m. alarm goes off and I don’t want to get out of bed, but then I remember that everything is already done and getting out of bed seems less overwhelming than before. Though mornings have turned out to be much happier around Chez’ Wagner than I’d ever expected, I can’t help but wonder what you guys think…  
What is your biggest morning time waster/issue? What tips can you share? 
In addition to sharing your tips- (and PLEASE share, because I’m still a baby in all of this morning stuff!) I would love to encourage you to click here to and share a moment for your chance to win a $250 Visa gift card!“></script>

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