A bit jarred…

Quite some time ago I whined and complained about this beautiful oversized apothecary jar that I purchased at a home design sale for a steal of a price. It was one of those must haves, that- once home- I had no idea what to use it for. 
I used my blog as a tool to beg for your help- and I was given some great tips through your comments and emails. 
But still, there the jar sat. 
Every morning that i washed my face and every evening when i brushed my teeth it served as an oversized and incredibly empty reminder of my lack of creativity… 

I grew more and more sad. 
Then, (and I already hear the growing and annoyance as you read the next part-) I ended up coming into a bit of a lavender supply. {Sidenote: at the amount I’ve mentioned lavender on the internet, over these past two months, it’s a wonder my name isn’t among the top google search results under lavender…}
Well, interior happiness heaven shown it’s light on me because I am quite happy with…

What do you think? 
Personally i LOVE it…

As you can see, I filled it with white/grey stones. then, downsized a large jar filled with dried lavender bouquets. For this sweet little dish, I used a couple of random soap bars and then made some small bars with lavender…  {of course}

So, since you are all so smart and stuff, I have another question for you:

Every morning I wake up and, VERY first thing- I wash my face. I use one of these-

It is the Neutrogena Wave, and honestly i love it. But, that’s beside the point…
I am pretty anal about things. I won’t use a washcloth on my face more than once. I won’t keep a hand towel up for more than one day. These sorts of things just gross me out. (don’t get me started on dishcloths.)

So, typically, every time I wipe down my bathroom, I use a Kirkland wipe. As far as wipes go- these tend to be my favorite. that being said, however, I feel like they are very wet and leave a really wet/icky trail. So then I end up paper toweling behind the wipe. It just feels really wasteful.
HOWEVER, the simple act of spraying everything down and using a rag- everyday, seems overwhelming and I question if I’d actually do it every day. PLUS there is the fact that I already launder three loads of towels a week. For a family of four…
So… An aunt suggested wiping the counters down with my face rage and mild soap, daily with a weekly spray cleaner. She also told me she often uses her shower towel, when she’s done and dressed.
Between us- this kinda grossed me out. I mean- wouldn’t both the cloth and the towel have dead skin on it? I mean, sure- they are both “clean”, due to the body/face soaps and encountering clean skin. But, there is also dead skin, right?
Maybe I am incorrectly OCD about this idea…

What are your thoughts and how do you approach daily bathroom tidying? 

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5 thoughts on “A bit jarred…

  1. i don't really think about it too much. i wipe up water & soap scum with a hand towel & then toss it in the wash. as needed. then i scrub down the bathroom once a week, top to bottom.i think i want a WAVE– was going to buy one the other day!

  2. I wipe down the walls and doors of the shower with a squeegee type thing each morning and the handbasin with the hand towel. I hadn't thought of the dead skin thing so maybe have to rethink that. I use a clean hand towel each time so get through many of those in a day and never use a face cloth more than once. Call me anal but…

  3. I get the dishcloth thing – change it everyday, people! Ugh, stinky smelly dishcloths are disgusting. As far as the other, well, I do grab the old hand towel if I'm going to wash it anyway, and use it to wipe down the sink and counter, sure. Never really about leaving dead skin behind – great! Thanks! ;) I have even (this may really gross you out…) used a bath towel to mop the bathroom floor. You just can't get a mop around the toilet properly! And if I'm washing towels anyway…well, it just SEEMS logical!

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