Oh the utter craftiness of it all…

I like to pretend I am a crafty sort of girl, but really, I am not.
At any rate, such pretending requires a crafty space.
{Translation- My husband needs my craft mess/crap to not be everywhere…}

Awhile ago, while discussing craft organization, my girlfriend sent me this recipe to help. With lots of hard work, confusing conversations about math and dimensions, etc- my craft desk got the makeover of a lifetime…

The first two photos are “Before” images… It was seriously a sad mess.
The last four photos though show that pain in the butt foam board organizer, as well as all of my jars.
I really love jars.
A lot.

At any rate, I am pretty grateful to my husband for his patience and I am also feeling quite inspired by my sweet little space… 

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3 thoughts on “Oh the utter craftiness of it all…

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