A Mere Distraction…

If you are keeping up with things around Chez’ Wagner, here at Rainy Day in May- then you already know about our super sadness… As you can imagine, we’ve been in the market for some distractions. 
One came in the form of ice cream, and one in chocolate. A major one has come in the form of lots of sleep… When not sleeping or delighting in chocolate and frozen heaven though, I read a book and watched a movie. 
And counted the hours til’ the Glee Project, but that’s an altogether different thing… 
The book I picked up, expecting not to be able to get into it due to my heavy heart was Alice Bliss. Not only did I manage to get into it- but I could not put it down until I had turned the last page. LOVELY! 
I am so incredibly sorry that I left my readers to such torturous books this summer when this amazing piece of literature was out there… 
Thinking that I was on a roll, i ran down and rented this movie: 
The Romantics… Have you seen it? 
I’ve been waiting for awhile. Such an amazing cast, and let’s face it- I have loved Josh since his All My Children days… 
It was interesting. Quirky and bizarre. Dark in strange ways. An awkward human study where, at the same time a part of you questions if humans are really like this odd study portrays. It had strange musical moments or amazing ones. Believably deep performances and some of the cinema shots towards the end were phenomenal. 
Over all, although distracting it was not really what I’d hoped. 
Too bad… 
Tomorrow I plan to start Plainsong, to which I saw the HORRIBLE Hallmark movie for- and found myself completely intrigued by the novel. Also, while my husband scrolled through years of digital photos looking to soothe his soul while Makaila slept beside him- I got busy and {finally} joined Good Reads. Addictive. Are you on there? If so- find me! 
So, tell me- chocolate and ice cream aside- what are your “go to” distractions when your heart is aching? 
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6 thoughts on “A Mere Distraction…

  1. I tend to have Jane Austen movie marathons. And a good, quality hot chocolate that you have to make using real ingredients. (Not that there's anything wrong with Swiss Miss…just sayin' some days call for real marshmallows…not those dehydrated pebble things!)I also tend to withdraw and keep within the safety of my walls when my heart aches. I put up boundaries and my friends know to wait until I come out! Keep your head up!

  2. I am so sorry you lost a member of your family. I have a soft bareback saddle tucked away in a trunk, dirty, stained, has horse hair stuck on it, that I wouldn't let my dad and now my husband get rid of because when I smell it…it brings tears to my eyes. Still. Oh, how I loved that boy. My first true love. Ummm…you asked what the go to thing is when my heart is aching…I know what it should be.. but what it is is chocolate M&M's or German raspberry candy AND tawdry old romance novels. There it is. Shhhh. don't tell my secret remedy.

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