and i shall call her…

No, really. i don’t make a habit of naming my stuff… 
But I am pretty sure that she is a she, which some people may find ridiculous but I really don’t care. 
i adore her and think she is absolutely stunning!
I picked up a couple of special freelance projects, over the summer, and pooled my earnings towards the purchase of this Vintage TLR camera. {I have had one nestled at the top of my personal wishlist for pretty much ever.} i haven’t shot with her yet as film is impossible to acquire locally and I’ve been too consumed with doggy sadness to pursue it online. 
i did buy her online. About a month ago. My very overpriced, priority (2-3 day) shipping was a bit more like 23 day shipping. And the customer service i received would have been more respectful/thorough from a rock. 
BUT, no matter, she’s here…
Being that she is vintage AND that the seller is a less than honest individual- there is always that possibility that I was ripped off and this camera won’t work. 
At this point, suffice to say, I am trying to stay optimistic. 
I just wanted to show off my girl, and brag a little. 
I am done now. 
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