All American Me…

Good morning!
Not a horrible thing to start a morning off, is it? This night owl turned early morning riser, (not always by choice) has developed a theory… If more people woke up to things as stunningly beautiful as this, the world might be more filled with early a.m. smiles…

See?!?!? I am doing it! By this time, (when i poured my first cup of coffee) I had already washed my face, started a load of towels to hang on the line, and preheated my oven. I am sure you are reading this and going “wow, great, yay for you… now tell me sometime worthwhile…” 
Well, this is a HUGE accomplishment for me… 

But this helps… 
And between us, I guess i should fess up that it’s decaf. It isn’t even “real” coffee… but psychologically, the taste of coffee associates “morning” for me. And honestly, I am wide awake after I wash my face. Nothing feels as great as that! 
Which reminds me, remember when I was telling you that we here at Chez’ Wagner were in hot debate over a certain coffee pot purchase? Well, we decided, {FINALLY} over the weekend- and thanks to Amazon’s amazing prices- this baby arrived yesterday:
Happiness for the coffee drinkers (Amanda and I), for the tea drinkers (all of us), and for the cocoa drinkers (Chw and Gen)… 
This morning, at five thirty, there I was… Just sipping coffee, baking cinnamon bowls for my beautiful family to fill with yogurt, fresh granola and sliced strawberries. I was stirring juice and just happily content. Gen had about half an hour to sleep and Chw and Amanda were on their early morning bike ride. 
I felt so “all american”. So Suburban normal. 
Well, except for the fact that neither one of those are synonymous with “happily content”, but whatever… 
The older I get, the more I really do buy into the belief that it is the little things that matter most. The precious moments hidden under the throw rug of average times. The mornings. The evenings.
And there is no denying that it doesn’t get more American than an evening of this- 

except, I have to remind myself, for the whole happily content thing. And you know, that’s actually pretty sad. As was one of the movies Chw and I watched. (Biutiful) And it is wayyy too early for sadness… 
oh yeah, and P.S. those home canned pickles are remarkably awesome! :) {But probably NOT at 5:30 in the morning. I am not that great in the mornings.}

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6 thoughts on “All American Me…

  1. i haven't had coffee in forever, except for when we were on vacation. I honestly just really love it, first thing, on a chilly morning. but again, i buy Dawson Taylor Decaf because i don't want the caffeine addiction.

  2. I'm usually a seasonal coffee drinker (living in FL…it's really too hot to drink year round)…but this morning I did have some (we have a Kureig K-Cup coffee maker which I LOVE)because it's been gray and rainy for the past couple days and I've been getting up early these last two weeks for my daughter to go to drama camp everyday. I'm not normally a morning person either (very much a night owl)…but sometimes wish I was. There is something about the stillness of that time of day that is refreshing and peaceful! Beautiful sunrise photo!

  3. Melissa, night owl here too. that's the HARDEST part: going to bed… But, in time, I'm sure I'll be so glad I've made this decision. :) you are so right about the stillness of the mornings!

  4. Okay, don't hate me, but I am an evil morning person. LOL! I love mornings! I usually set the alarm for 6 but I always wake up before the alarm goes off. And then I'm out the door to run for an hour before shower and breakfast. And I love it! My hubby? Yeah, total night owl. He thinks I'm crazy.

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