Dilly, Dilly…

Finally… Finally the lavender is behind us. 
My family is incredibly grateful… 
We were finding little lavender buds, crunchy, everywhere. And though the house smelled completely amazing, I am glad the drying season is passed us. 
Have you ever taken on the task of such a thing? 
I had bought a bundle, once, from the Farmer’s Market for the soul purpose of drying to put in saches and body scrubs. But one little bundle was nothing compared to a basket full.  
 Nine times my dehydrator was beyond overflowing of these beautiful stems. yes, NINE. 
And when the seventh load revealed that we still had half a basket, I went to bundling them and hanging them throughout the house. By beds, on doors, strung across doorways… it was lavender central. 
Everyone’s help was eventually enlisted in destemming the dried buds. My finger tips were cut up and bruised.  
 I think poor Chw thought it would never end. 
Anyone who knows him, knows just how anal he is about the carpet. He and our dyson were having lots of bonding time for sure… 
Though Gen and I got into a good daily routine of drying, destemming and cleaning up- only to start again, the weary expressions of everyone looked much like this, near the end of the process… 
So glad it’s over. 
SO abundantly grateful for the lavender. 
Will I repeat the process next year? Absolutely! 

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