Humor me, please…

Anyone who has been around here for any length of time knows that I am a movie LOVER. I accentuate the word lover because somehow even all capped out like that, it doesn’t really convey just how involved in films i get. I don’t stalk celebrities or subscribe to their gossip so my obsession isn’t quite on that level. Actually, though I grew up in a movie obsessed family (and PROUD of it!), it was going to work writing in the entertainment industry back in ’03 that really made me take a deeper notice. Before that point in time I did get all star flustered and cry tragically when people like Tom and Nicole- these larger than life icons- got divorced. 
Along my film maturing journey thought, I had the privilege of meeting, interviewing and just chatting with  actors, producers and the like. My perspective of them obviously changed, as anyone’s would. It humanized them, and rightly so, as they are, well- human… 
Anyway, bottom line= I LOVE MOVIES! 
So, even though quite a few of my readers don’t give a hoot about film, (*gasp*, i can’t imagine!) I figured it was high time I do a post about them, and the one’s I’ve seen fairly recently and what I felt about them. And then, even if my uncertain movie watching readers feel inspired to run down to the Redbox, they can say to themselves, “Well, that rainy day blog girl really didn’t like this one…” and I can feel good for sparing someone from 2 hours of bad movie torture… 
Still in theaters, as of today: 
Crazy, Stupid, Love {****1/2} i have already mentioned loving this movie, on this blog, so i won’t go there again, but really- i love it… It’s my favorite movie, so far, this year. 

Bad Teacher {1/2} this one went on my worst movie list. horrible. 
Bridesmaids {****} Seriously funny. Albeit raunchy funny, funny none the less… Great comedic writing.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 {****} :) with a little :( too… 
Kung Fu Panda 2 {****1/2} Melted my heart… being an adoptive mom and seeing the struggles kids, mine especially, have had- this movie just warmed me. A lot. 
Monte Carlo {***1/2} for a tween/teen girls movie, I thought it was actually pretty refreshing and great!
Super 8 {****1/2}I am not an alien movie/sci-fi film fan, AT ALL. My husband, however, is. On the rare occasion I am dragged, nearly kicking and screaming, to such movies. This one, I adored. Brilliant writing, great special effects. The focus was so intent on the characters. Subtlety was strong and spot on. Lovely little movie! 
Water for Elephants {***1/2} Being a big lover of the book, the movie disappointed some. Though, where it lacked in story and time to tell the story, it made up for in descent acting efforts. Best of all, it was so beautiful to look at. (And no, I’m not talking about Rob… I actually mean the beautiful circus imagery.)
X-Men first class {***} ok. you know how I mentioned my distaste for Sci-Fi? Well, the only real exception to that is SOME of the Marvel comic movies. (only some.) I really enjoyed this movie. I loved it, in fact. I would have likely given 4 and 1/2 in rating, (and not only because i have a top secret crush on James MacAvoy) but my sci-fi loving husband (ever the opportunist) brought me home and decided we should watch the first X-Men. The inconcistancies in the story really ruined it for me… 
Quick DVD stuff: 
Biutiful {***} lovely cinematography. Completely depressing. 
Soul Surfer {****} inspiring. 
The Adjustment Bureau {****} thought provoking, good action. Fun to talk about. 
Source Code {***} average
Unknown {**1/2} Disappointment. Expected more. 
Limitless {****} GREAT movie! Thought provoking, ending debatable, well paced… 
Take Me Home Tonight {**} Immature, and not in a good- this movie is about high school/college stuff way… 
Arthur {***1/2} Adored this movie! Heartwarming and redemptive… but, NOT a family movie. 
Beastly {***1/2} Not a flawless production, but i really did like it a lot. 
Blue Valentine {****} Holy crap. Intense. Tragic. Often uncomfortable. 
Company Men {****1/2} LOVELY! inspiring, uplifting and REALLY well made!
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 {****} Cute! 
Gnomeo and Juliet {**} um, pass??? 
I am Number 4 {****} Another Sci-Fi movie I went to kicking and screaming. LOVED it! Soooo good! 
Just Go With It {****} I laughed out loud, a lot. Typical Adam Sandler movie with a tad bit better humor and really good script! 
King’s Speech {*****} LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Perfect… The end. 
No Strings Attached {*1/2} While there were a few parts i laughed at, this movie was just too much. I am not a prude, but there are things that seriously DO NOT need to be put on film… 
Rango {**} The rating of two is only because the animation is so realistic. Seriously. 
Red Riding Hood {*} Also a contender for the worst movie list. Blech! Rating of 1 because i liked the red cloak. 
True Grit {****} It’s been decades since I’ve seen the original, though I have to confess it’s been sitting on our Tivo for months. At any rate, i really loved this movie… 
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