WANTED: a home, please…

We didn’t come home to a welcome home banner or a beautiful balloon bouquet. Nope. Instead, we came home to our property management company announcing that our rental’s owner is short selling out from under us. Just dandy, isn’t it? With that bombshell of an announcement we are left unknowing if we still have a home, or for how long… 
I wanted to sit down and cry to them about how hard change is for my daughter. I wanted to paint pictures with great detail and imagery about how hard it’s going to be. I wanted to beg someone who mattered to please not sell, or to sell to someone who will continue to rent to us. (which is a possibility) 
Instead though, when my husband asked one simple question: how do we know what we are supposed to do if we have no idea how long we have? The property manager answered with: it isn’t just you, there are 8 other homes that are also short selling. Really? REALLY??? While we feel bad for the other families/people, the reality is it is our family we are concerned with… 
so much for a stressless rest of summer… 
Gosh, doesn’t it feel like we were just in a house mess? pfft… 
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  1. Perhaps you can translate those rental payments into Mortgage payments and land yourself a bargain if the owner is desperate to sell. It may not be your dream home, but you can always use it as a stepping stone later on..Cheers!

  2. We've toyed with owning a home again but the reality is that we are no where near ready to take that step again after the economic crash and we don't really qualify with a down anyway…

  3. I'm sure I shared with you our story about that. We had the same thing happen to us 3 years ago. I can imagine the stress – well not IMAGINE, I know what it feels like! So sorry hun!

  4. Oh noes! We have been in a very similar situation before and I am so sorry! The only thing that made me feel better was thinking about six months down the line…it will all have worked out SOMEHOW, even if we don't understand how yet. Keep your head up! hugs!

  5. Oh, Misty. I'm so sorry.My fingers are crossed that the buyer wants to rent or that you guys find something even more amazing for your family.((Hugs))

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