What I’ve learned… {The No. Cal. Edition…}

I survived vacation… 
When people think of vacation, typically they envision sleeping in, lazy days and similar luxuries… Pretty much, they aren’t vacationing with me. I am a planner, by default. I love planning memorable things to do and making them (or most of them, anyhow) somehow magically become a reality on minimal budgets and shoestring dollar amounts. I usually, (obviously) survive, but I end up exhausted. 
This trip to California was no exception. 
Even so, along the way I learned some pretty big things that I wanted to share…
1.) No Cal drivers are awesome. Seriously. California, in it’s entirety, gets a bad wrap. We saw the most courteous and respectful drivers in San Jose, San Francisco and the entire area in between. It never ceased to amaze us. 
2.) No Cal gas prices are awesome. Again, something that surprised us… 
3.) Sometimes the best hotels, and staff members, are found in the least likely of places… 
4.) I am learning that I am NOT (by any shape of the imagination) a fan of wild animals in captivity. 
5.) I think that being out in the sea watching blue and humpback whales feed, swim and splash is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been witness to. 
6.) I am not a sea person. I get sick. Super sick. Sicker than I’ve maybe ever been. Days later and I’m still not 100%. 
7.) Booking a casino hotel because the “price is right” is a stupid thing to do. A mistake I’m not likely to make again. 
8.) Everywhere but Idaho has way too many Trader Joe’s and the company needs to spread out a little. 
9.) The Golden Gate Bridge really is more beautiful when it’s foggy. 
10.) Sometimes a cab ride, in perfect timing, is the brightest spot in a bleak moment. 
11.) It’s fun to dream of fancy houses, without having to go home to clean them. (or pay for them.) 
12.) A cemetery is nothing to be scared of, at night. When fireworks are overhead it’s even better. 
13.) Flat beaches are way better than insanely hilly ones. 
14.) If not turned off, satellite activated GPS on a smart phone will drain a battery instantly. 
15.) Facebook has really humble headquarters. 
16.) Planning ahead is vital to the success of a vacation. 
17.) Being flexible with those plans is even more important. 
18.) Eating out at amazing places we don’t have at home, is awesome.
19.) And then, it suddenly isn’t… 
20.) There really is no place like home. 
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4 thoughts on “What I’ve learned… {The No. Cal. Edition…}

  1. i'm so glad you had a good time! whale watching is a transcendent experience– it really is. i agree on norcal drivers– nicest people on the planet. just don't ever venture south of santa barbara. that's were all the crazies live. like me.

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