Distant Shores…

And a little housekeeping… 
First off, I did not get very far in June/July’s book. While I have really valid/good excuses, I can’t tell you how horrible I feel about it. First Genny broke her hand and we were constantly running to x-rays and surgical consults and follow ups (in a two week span of time we were in ER XRAY office over 12 times), adding that to trying to get ahead on work stuff so that we could have a lovely vacation. While I was sure I’d get time to read on vacation, the truth was Genny and I ended up getting incredibly sick so reading was out of the question. The day after we returned home we found out two major things… First, there was a strong possibility we’d be moving and VERY soon- which freaked me out quite honestly. (we still don’t know anything) and the second was that my little sister’s brain tumor has returned and there is a MAJORLY bumpy road ahead. We’ve only been home a week and I’ve been there to help her out and then we had her kids for the weekend. Just a lot of emotional turmoil and stress for everyone. 

But really, it also boiled down to the book itself. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get into it. Around this time the feedback came pouring in from some of you who chose to read it and NO ONE liked it. In fact, if the opposite was possible, that’s how everyone seemed to feel. If you’d like to comment about the book though, this would be a great post to do it in… I still have it and may pick it back up again simply because i don’t like leaving things unfinished… 

So, without further apology (though i truly am sorry for the selection AND not finishing it myself…) 

Our July/August book is Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah… 
The good news is, the reviews aren’t scathing. And honestly, this book came highly recommended so here’s hoping! 
Happy reading… 
New to the club, or need a reminder? 
Here’s how it works: 
– On the 3rd Monday of each summer month, {May, June, July, August} I will post that month’s summer title. 
– On the Friday BEFORE “announcement Monday” I will put a post up about the book, and we can discuss. {Of course, last summer many discussion happened, in many formats, between those dates- and that is absolutely fine.} 
That’s it… One book per month (easy commitment) with the benefit of connecting with other’s who are also reading it… Couldn’t ask for a better summer goal! 
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite book mark, convince your sister or best friend to join us and head to your local library or book store and start reading today… {And then come back on August 19th…}

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6 thoughts on “Distant Shores…

  1. Guess what? Not only do I have Distant Shores, but I haven't read it yet! So I can participate this time around, woot!I'm so sorry to hear about the struggles you've had this summer. I hope that things ease up.

  2. I'm in, as long as my library has it.As for the last book… all I can say is what I already told you:It keeps my hopes up that one day, when the kids are a little older and return to writing, I will publish a novel. If that book can get published, then I KNOW my book can! :)

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