And you thought I forgot you…

Traveling along a 55 mile per hour highway, in the passenger seat of our SUV it occurred to me that- though I had purposefully and thoughtfully accomplished and checked off things on an enormous pre-vacation to do list- I realized I had forgotten to write a post. 
I am not at home… 
While our dogs are hanging out and chilling at home with other folks of the house- Chw, Gen and I have embarked on a journey of potentially epic proportions… First stop, on the agenda, is that we are hanging out over here for the long, holiday weekend. It’s exactly where we want to be! Happiness abounds, (and not only because we were in the car forever, or because i like to whine…) 
After the holiday weekend we will then travel down the coast to the San Francisco area  for half pleasure and half work research for a current writing project I have. I am excited. It’s Gen’s first time Cali and she’s beside herself with anticipation. :) 
If anything strikes my fancy, I may whip out a post while we are in the hotel but more than likely you won’t hear a peep from me until after we’re home… Be on the lookout for Gen randomness, Excitement and of course- photos!   
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2 thoughts on “And you thought I forgot you…

  1. While I am totally green over your S.F. vacation, I am pleased to have had you and yours for the fabulously long weekend. Calamity Farm will never be the same. :(Missing you!

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