Nifty Fifty…

It’s been awhile since i participated, but i was inspired by this challenge today, over at Mama Kat’s, so here I am… 3.) Create a bucket list of 50 things you want to do this summer (with or without the kids!)
  1. Sink my toes where the sand and sea kiss.
  2. Spend an afternoon feeding ducks and geese. 
  3. Take my nieces and nephews to the water park. 
  4. Drink sun tea by the gallons. 
  5. Drink fresh squeezed lemonade as often as possible. 
  6. Peach picking. 
  7. Fresh Peach canning. 
  8. Fresh, crisp salads for lunches and dinners. 
  9. Nighttime park movies, under the stars. 
  10. Sleeping in a tent. 
  11. Sunday afternoon picnics. 
  12. Dining Al’ Fresco.
  13. Campfire warmth, shadows and sounds. 
  14. Campfire smores. 
  15. Explore the woods. 
  16. Smell chlorine. a lot. 
  17. Lay and reading on a beach towel.
  18. Lay and read on the cool grass of the park, beneath the weeping willow tree. 
  19. Tiger’s blood snow cones. 
  20. The drive- in theater. 
  21. Talking beneath the stars. 
  22. Bike rides. 
  23. River floating. 
  24. Sunscreen. 
  25. Twinkle lit evenings on the patio. 
  26. Barbecues with friends. 
  27. Tennis. 
  28. Glasses of wine as the almost-midnight-sun sets. 
  29. Sprinkler rainbows, within reach in my yard. 
  30. Farmer’s market Saturday mornings. 
  31. Summer concerts. 
  32. The sound of joyful screams and coasters swirling about, around me. 
  33. Family frozen yogurt runs. 
  34. Fresh berries adorning cakes, pancakes, muffins, salads and sticky tiny child-hands. 
  35. Popsicle smiles. 
  36. Summer photos. 
  37. Shimmery, lime scented lotion. 
  38. California sunsets. 
  39. Time with our amazing Oregon friends. 
  40. Smoothies. 
  41. Fresh cut flowers vased on table tops and nightstands. 
  42. Flip flops revealing painted toe nails. 
  43. Strawberry, yogurt and granola breakfast sundaes. 
  44. Sidewalk chalk artist in residence and her creations. 
  45. Relaxed afternoons. 
  46. Watermelon, crisp and icy. 
  47. Cool inspiring mornings to write or read by. 
  48. Fajita and Margarita Fridays.
  49. Grilled summer flatbread pizzas. 
  50. Summer lovin’, hand holding and being with the man I love… 

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13 thoughts on “Nifty Fifty…

  1. Love your list! Thank you for reminding me about the drive-in and how much I love tiger's blood snow cones. Visiting from Mama Kat's, and love your blog. You have a new follower. :)

  2. that's a sweet summer list. i'll have to add some to my list. i really like the movies in the park. haven't done that in a long time.

  3. mercy..stop..I am drooling;) This list is daughter just had a Tiger's Blood sno cones yesterday…I could say yes to ALL of them. I just love summer. Praying several of these checked off by the weekend:)xops..always grateful for your encouraging comments – they really do help keep me going.

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