Oh Dear, things were on the rise…

Dear Aqua Net, 
   I would like to start off this letter of extreme gratitude with a warm and sincere thank you… 
   Over this past weekend a dear friend, from high school, decided to post the image of a note I had written him, from back in the day. My poor grammar, {which was completely a rouse, I assure you, to hide my otherwise brilliant writing skills} and familiar signature stirred a long-since-put-to-bed nostalgia for me. Wanting to link my arms with my own versions of the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion- I retrieved boxes of memorabilia from the attic and set to digging… 
   Imagine my complete embarrassment and shame pride when I came upon my first discovery of the afternoon… 
   I am sure if my then friend would see this she would only feel complete remorse that her silky, smooth hair didn’t stand as high as mine. 
   As an average to high grade earning high school girl I managed to somehow have enough money to afford my Clearly Canadians, my skittles and my cans of Aqua Net with my meager $15.00 a month allowance. This is thanks to you, as well. Not only do I have my stunningly gorgeous hair to hold you inspiration for- 
BUT your affordability obviously made all of the difference in the world… 
  Thank you, Aqua Net, for making my high school experience so uniquely rewarding and for keeping my self esteem and pride on the higher end of things… 
   With gratitude, 
Dear Bandanna, 
   Oh, where to begin… 
Wait. I’m not going to lie. I’m not really sure I’m all that grateful for how I used you then. Now though, when I’m cleaning my bathroom or aspiring to dress like a gang member- you rock. 
Dear gorgeous Idaho sunset, 
I am sorry I tainted you so. 
Forgive me? 
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11 thoughts on “Oh Dear, things were on the rise…

  1. Hey, what about thanking the overalls (which I'm guessing were shorts)? Not many clothing items can pull of both stripes AND flowers in one fell swoop.But yeah… Clearly Canadian. I totally forgot about those. Yum!

  2. Sarah, weren't they absolutely a thing of beauty? They remind me of this furniture set I fell in love with, when Chw and i were first married… oh i lacked for taste.

  3. clearly Canadian was one of the only sodas I was allowed to drink, YUMMMMM!!! (because it was clear!) With 3 teenaged girls in our house at one time, and our competitive natures (who's hair was the highest!)I shudder to think how much my sisters and I contributed to the ozone issue with our Aqua net!

  4. I am so jealous – truly. I was NEVER able to pull off the bandana and I was so jealous of those who were. ugh, ugh and double ugh …. You did it so well!!!

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