The (old) saying goes…

I went to my doctor yesterday and I have a rib out of place.
I have a significantly bruised collar bone. It’s very tender and sore. 
I went to an amazing concert Sunday night. {So, So, So Amazing!}
I have not gone to bed before 1 a.m. for the past 4 nights due to my crazy and youthfully wild lifestyle… 
While all of these these are sort of true- they sound a lot more exciting than they are. 
For instance one could think my collar bone and rib issues came from said amazing concert. They could have too, if we’d gone for the cheap FLOOR tickets.(Man, some crazy stuff was happening down there!) However, we splurged (double) for bar tickets so we could be up above the floor with all of the old people. (by “old” of course I mean, the over 21 crowd.) 
We also had an AMAZING view of this guy… *Swoon*… 
While on the topic of old though, (which is all the rib issue seems to be tied to… as for the bruising- who knows.) I saw my first real-life-cougar. I’ve heard older women, (guideline to be an “older” woman, as I age, is 15 years older than me.) joke about chasing young men but I’ve never witnessed such a thing. In the bar of the club there was an 18 (at most) year old kid with a woman well over 50. She was dressed like she was 15. There was way too much PDA going on. It was, honestly, pretty repulsive to watch. She kept sneaking him into the restricted area and they kept getting kicked out. Did I mention she dressed like she was 15? Well, she acted like she was 12. 
Maybe my 12 year old acts more mature actually… 
But yeah. While the concert (which was amazingly awesome- I repeat) did make me feel a bit younger, (like maybe 32 vs. the actual 35 that I am) I learned that I’ve finally transcended into the phase of life where I will only plan on attending concerts of people I absolutely love. Last year we traveled down to see 30 Seconds to Mars and Mutemath. While it was a fun show and i love both bands- I am content to cross them off of my check list and never see them again. Thankfully Sunday’s show was a band I’d walk barefoot over glass- to the ends of the earth- to see… no regrets there. 
As for my wild and crazy lifestyle. Ha. Ha. Friday night Chw and I snuck out to a super late show of Bad Teacher with some friends. Suffice it to say while the concert made me feel a little younger- that movie made me feel 60. It ticked me off more than it made me laugh. Bad, Bad Movie should have been it’s chosen name.
Then on Saturday night we partied with friends, until the wee hours of the morn’. This is, of course, if partied means one margarita, a barbecue and board games. Woo hoo… Just like wee hours of the morn’ of course means after midnight. 
With my four night’s in a row crazy late bedtimes (Monday night was late because i had to catch up on my DVR and the Glee Project, of course)- crawling out of bed this morning was a chore. I mean, four late nights is a habit now- right? I was tempted to snooze my alarm and proceed with my newly developed rockstar lifestyle, but then I remembered I had a 9 a.m. appointment. 
At the salon. 
To cover up my grey hairs. 
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3 thoughts on “The (old) saying goes…

  1. I'm happy to see you're out there having such fun!Back in the day between 18 and 20 a group of us – guys and girls – flew down to Mexico a few times on the cheap for partying and sunshine. So many cougars in action down there, all over my guy friends in the bars and clubs. I still don't get it! Total comedy for all of us though.

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