Learning to laugh…

When my eleven year old dreams of love and marriage, and of being a mother, someday- she envisions it with laughter engulfing everything. Not cruel laughter, at another’s expense, but genuine- soul filling laughter… I want that for her. I pray that for her… Even though her life hasn’t been a basket of fresh picked berries, she still doesn’t quite grasp how difficult life can be, and that’s ok with me. After all, she is only eleven. 
To make her odds of a laughter filled, balanced and happy home even better though, Chw and I need to learn to laugh more. Don’t get me wrong, we are fairly funny people and we do have our fair share of chuckle induced headaches… We certainly know how to many anything fun, and Genny has indeed learned that from us. That being said, however, we still need to bring more fun home. Above all else, our home needs to be a safe place where laughter warms our hearts and love is further born… 
Today, and throughout the weekend I will, in my 28 day challenge
– laugh. With my husband; as a family. 
– play together. 
– live in the now. 
– LOVE… 
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18 thoughts on “Learning to laugh…

  1. Laughter is important! It is such a gift. My oldest is now 19 and every time she is away for a few days either at her nanny job or staying with her best friend, she always comes home and sighs with relief, saying, "Oh I love my family!! I always forget what its like to be around light and happy people!" The ironic thing is that our family has plenty of issues with severe depression… but we have learned to laugh and smile and enjoy each other in spite of our down times.I especially love that you said you don't care that your daughter doesn't know how difficult life can be… because she's only 11! I work with teens and I am so sad for how stressed and beyond depressed so many of them are because they DREAD being an adult because all they know is that being an adult is just AWFUL. P.S. to end my novel, I found you on the mom loop on blogfrog:)

  2. i fell in love with my fiance on our second date. we went to a small, obscure museum in LA that i've always wanted to go to (but no one would ever go with me). we were poking around, and found a small room playing a russian documentary– a documentary so absurd, we couldn't help but guffaw and laugh until we were sobbing. it's how i knew that he was The One.

  3. MsByn, that's EXACTLY it! Before she came to live with us (she was 4) that's what I did… there is NOTHING worse than a child being robbed of their childhood… And your daughter seeing that in your family is such a testament! LOVE it!

  4. It is important to laugh! Just watching a funny movie can completely change a mood, you know? Enjoy your weekend!Oh, and I stopped by from Mom Loop. I am now following, would love for you to follow back :-)

  5. These are beautiful sentiments! Laughter is so important, whenever I laugh about something in hindsight I think that if I had only laughed when it happened I would have felt much better!

  6. very sweet and thought provoking post. just popped by for the first time from momLoop & am so happy I did. :) Rebeccahttp://rebeccacooper.blogspot.com/

  7. I'm enjoying reading your 28 day challenge. It is challenging me that even after nearly 22 years of marriage, there's always room for improvements. I'm a new follower!Lisawww.LisaBlogs.com

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