Authenticity, granted…

This morning is the first day, all week, that I’ve had a moment at my computer…

Truthfully, I sort of love that I don’t have computer moments every day. Even more truthfully though, as a writer, i really should…
It’s that ever-questing strive for balance. It’s my inability to juggle everything- like wholesome cooking, laundry, errands, education, a business…
Don’t get me wrong, i love to write. I love, as sick as it sounds, to edit. I love it all. The process. The creativity. The sublimely euphoric feel that comes with it… Is born, again and again, because of it… BUT- i get distracted. Distractions like my ever mounting google reader and facebook.
I have decided to proceed no longer, with RDIM… It was a tough decision. I’ve loved it so much. I have loved the amazing experiences I’ve had, and people I have met through it. I am so grateful for the experience and the doors that it opened. It was a very short journey, at just under three years, but so much bigger than I’d ever thought. Owning a photography business is really rewarding and, if I wasn’t a homeschool mom AND a writer {first and foremost} i would continue it… The three things are each time consuming, and life sucking, on their own. I knew that I had to cut one and, though I struggled with the decision, it was the obvious choice. I have a wedding this weekend, for a dear friend, and a few miscellaneous appointments scattered throughout the next few weeks. January 31st is the last official day though… I’ve already began referring clients and each time I feel better about my decision.
I want to lead an authentic life, and I can’t do that if I’m not being honest with myself by taking on far more than I can handle. Managing many things, half heartedly, isn’t managing them at all. That’s what I’ve learned through all of this…
I am EXCITED for the next chapter in my life as a wife, mother and writer… A lot of things are happening, big changes are coming. Two thousand eleven is a BIG year for my family and i really hope you’ll come along…

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4 thoughts on “Authenticity, granted…

  1. Okay…so I've been out of the loop for a while (I haven't read or written on my blog in ages). I didn't realize that you were a homeschool mom. What curriculum do you use for your schooling?

  2. Wow sounds like we both have one too many projects! I hear what you're saying about living a more authentic life. That is one of my goals for 2011!Jen

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