{The best and the worst of…}



Weird, WEIRD weekend…

the best and the worst:
Best- Amanda made it home safe and it was so good to hug that girl and have her home.
Worst- she came home with food poisoning- which made for a horrendous day of flying, for her.
Best- found out when Lucas will be home between training and his station. Can not wait.
Best- 90 minute massage.
Worst- it was all work on my torn up shoulder. it hurt something awful and I still am in so much pain.
Best- a lovely bit of time with my family, out and about, before we picked up Amanda from the airport.
Worst- the mall. I detest the mall. loathe it. And when we went to exchange a very (once) overpriced pair of jeans for Gen, we left $13 richer. THIRTEEN DOLLARS…
Best- puppy snuggles.
Worst- puppy ending up in the ER for a double inner ear infection.
Best- finding a game we love (were introduced to it on NYE)
Worst- not getting to play it yet.
Best- Golden Globes… yay.
Worst- Anne Hathaway’s dress…
Best- hubby made pancakes and we lazed around in comfy clothes all day playing with the cricut and being creative.
Worst- having to stay home and miss church…
Best- the rain.
Worst- the cold and gloom…
Best- that no matter where life takes me, I’ll always have an ocean view… (see image sixteen…)

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