July moments…

I have procrastinated this July lesson post because I’m just not in the mood. I’m tired. I’m stressed. In these two ways, I am just like the majority of us… I get it. This month felt long, short, and like it dragged on forever while it also somehow sped by in a blink. My biggest adult lesson may eternally be that the passage of time makes no sense. I thought I was getting the hang of it until 2020 hit and messed us all up.

  • I learned that I may get super tired of drinking water so often, but when our water cooler died I became a woman who has never craved water more… make it make sense.
  • I took our dog Elenor and our cat Darcy to the vet this month. They each needed vaccinations and our vet is a bit of a drive. What’s the big deal? I thought… The cat is in a carrier. It will be fine. It, in fact, was very barely fine and I’m still regretting the decision days later. I learned never to do that again. Separate visits and making the drive twice are the new way to go.
  • I’ve been planning my book launch event, in another state. It seemed easy enough, but it turns out it is very complicated and the next time I plan to travel home, it will not be for an event. I’ve learned my lesson.
  • I released a small number of book boxes for my up-and-coming memoir Girls, Assassins & Other Bad Ideas. I am obsessed with this activity–it’s safe to say it is bringing me life right now… BUT while I figured I’d planned far more than would sell, it turns out I didn’t plan near enough. I am deeply touched, ecstatic, and humbled by the whole thing. I’ve learned not to sell myself short and to not be afraid to go for it. (May we all learn this lesson!)
  • I’ve learned to do the spontaneous thing sometimes. I have practiced spontaneity in several areas of my life this month and haven’t regretted it yet. In fact, it made the best memories!

July Bests…

  • Movie (New): NOPE
  • Movie (Older): Red Dawn
  • TV Binge: Stranger Things 4:2
  • Read: Every Summer After by Carley Fortune… Pretty predictable but also nostalgic, fun, and a great summer read.