on the madness of March…

I know March Madness refers to College Basketball but honestly isn’t March really one of the most unpredictable months? I love March… Many of my favorite people were born in March. I was born in March. Spring teases us with color in March, before Winter comes popping in to let us know she’s not quite through with us yet… But also, March has always carried this odd , unpredictable energy.

For example, while I’m not one to usually fall down the stairs, if I did, it would happen in March.

Listen, it DID happen in March and it was brutal. My tail bone was solid black and later that day I had seven hours of airplane travel to endure. Not the best day ever… We hadn’t been planning a trip, it just rapidly unfolded and suddenly we were packing a suitcase to share. My husband had just been in Idaho for a family emergency some weeks before and realized he now has air travel anxiety and would prefer to never fly again. I hadn’t flown since the end of 2019, and so my anxiety wasn’t loving the idea of it either. All of the videos filled with difficult people on planes and in airports were what I stressed about… but it was fine. It was all fine. His anxiety was a bit rocky and I felt bad for him. Also, my tailbone kept me teetering between sobbing like a small child and wanting to jump from the plane… but it was fine.

We were fine.

We made it, and life was good. And while we were traveling something wonderfully magical happened! I was able to share the book cover for my impending release Girls, Assassins, and Other Bad Ideas. (August 22, 2022 through Burning Soul Press)

I’m absolutely in love with this cover! IN LOVE!

I was also reminded that in the midst of so much divisiveness there are still people who can disagree about things like religion, politics, and vaccines and yet somehow still manage to share civil conversations and respect for one another. This glimpse of the old-world ways really caught me off guard… it was beautiful. While I believe the things I do, these beliefs are mine based on my experiences and knowledge. Who am I to tell you your stance is wrong simply because you haven’t traveled the same journey I have?

I hope this becomes a trend and we can once again aspire to be bridge builders…

This month, in addition to my book cover, celebrating birthdays, and a few fun little day trips to Cleveland and Pittsburgh, I also published my first guided journal/workbook, Cupcake, a Guided Companion for Cake. (Cake is my ebook guide published last year.)

All in all, amidst the craziness and complete busyness that was March, it was a beautiful month. Perhaps the first truly beautiful month from start to finish, that I remember having for so long… I’ve had conversations in the past day or two with others who feel the same. This has to be a sign right– that things are finally changing?

Maybe I’m just being hopeful… then again, I guess that beats the alternative.