This summer is speeding by, which should feel a bit mixed-blessing, but also feelings are weird right now so nothing is hitting quite normal. That’s ok. I think the most important part is we realize and admit it instead of holding expectations for ourselves based on the perception of how things used to be–how WE used to be…

This past month had me officially quitting the daily drinking of coffee, upon waking. Maybe it’s my fibro, maybe it’s just stress or age… it could be anything really, but this daily cup is no longer good for my body. (ha! was it ever great for my health?) I miss it, because I truly enjoyed it. That being said, I have begun drinking iced coffee some afternoons, and I love that. Adapting how much milk versus coffee, flavor, etc. It has been an adventure. It isn’t every day, but it is definitely the pick me up some afternoons really need!

As I was processing through the whole coffee debacle, (my enneagram wing 5 really shining through here) I had several friends recommend mushroom coffee. The glowing recommendations coupled with the delectable descriptions– elements of a sweetly spiced chai, or the creaminess of a nutty cocoa. By my opinion, it is like none of these things. It wasn’t a good fit, for me. That being said, if you’re a mushroom coffee lover and you have some advice on how to make it incredible, I’ve read the health benefits and am willing to try again.

July also played out as the third month that I’d be dealing with the unexplained arm/nerve pain. It has, at times, been very debilitating. I’ve had doctors say it’s fibro. I’ve had physical therapists say it’s a sleep injury. Pretty much everyone is shooting in the dark with guess, but the likelihood is that its related to my second vaccine dosage, otherwise entitled Long Term Moderna Arm. Good times. (Disclaimer: I am still very much in favor of vaccines, and do not doubt that this is a complication due to combined issues from fibro and the shot.)

Because of the previous issue mentioned, sleep has been in micro doses. Can one micro-dose sleep? At any rate, my schedule is all out of sorts.

I also used July to practice making Instagram Reels (on the fence), working on my manuscript and progressing that journey, and finding opportunity for more connections.

As we step gracefully into August, I’m wondering if these next thirty-one days could be where the real magic lay. I am a super big nerd when it comes to oddball holidays, so I thought I’d share some fun things about the days ahead.

  • This is Admit You’re Happy Month. {Listen, please allow yourself to be happy when you are. Also, please be honest with yourself when you aren’t. Happiness is neither to be expected or required. This is stupid.}
  • It is also Romance Awareness Month. {I mean, What?!?!}
  • Both Picnic and Peach month. {I can get behind these}
  • National Eye Exam Month. {Interesting that this is scheduled along with romance awareness and seeing your happiness. Hmmm.}
  • Today, August 1st, is Friendship Day! Yay! It is ALSO International Forgiveness Day.
  • 2nd- Ice Cream Sandwich Day {YES, PLEASE!}
  • 4th- Chocolate Chip Cookie day {just a few months ago was chocolate chip day. Could be combine them and give a day to something more rewarding maybe??? Just a thought.}
  • 5th- National Underwear Day. {*crickets*}
  • 8th- International Cat Day
  • 9th- Book Lover’s Day
  • 10th- Lazy Day; National Smores Day
  • 12th- World Elephant Day
  • 15th- Relaxation Day
  • 17th- National Thriftshop Day
  • 18th- Bad Poetry Day
  • 19th- National Potato Day {Idaho REPRESENT!}
  • 25th- National Banana Split Day
  • 26th- Women’s Equality Day and National Dog Day

Some thoughts… PERHAPS we should have less food days (though they are delicious) and lazy/rest/nap (that one was a different months) days and just educate people on how to rest, take care of themselves, balance priorities, etc. Most of these days are just ridiculous or funny. Lighthearted and worth celebrating, perhaps… But keeping a focus on these things that truly matter.

Moral of the story: Grab an ice cream sandwich this month. Write a note to a friend. Take naps, read books, and listen to your body. This is how we live our lives, love our lives, admit we are happy, and celebrate US.

Also, go get your eyes checked…