Even If…


On Fridays I often join a tribe of internet writers as we journey through a prompt given to us by the lovely Kate over at Five Minute Friday… I enjoy the challenge, the writing exercise and, ultimately, the talent and depth within this little writing community. If you have time, you should hop over to the linkup and read some other contributors.

The format is simple… Considering the word, we free-write for five minutes. So, here we go…


If that someday should become a one day, or even better, an our day, I hope to stay present and aware of the magical moments and the beautiful, undeserved scope our lives would have moved into…

If my kitchen table once again holds the smiling faces of my now-adult-once-children, I hope to breathe them in, freeze frame their expressions, memorize the common things they speak, to remember to inhale/exhale through the painful searing of the moment to my heart, to bring me companionship and comfort as they’ve left to live their own grown up lives…

If my home holds a porch paired with rocking chairs, I hope we will sit in them (together) so often that those wooden slats hold the form of our shapes long after we are gone, and that the porch railings cling tight to the love and the laughter we exchanged while sitting and swaying back and forth…

If my feet get to sink, sand deep, at shoreline points, whenever my heart desires- I hope I never take the miracle of that life affirming moment for granted…

If I someday make it to an agent, from an agent to a publisher, from a publisher to a book store, book tour, and all of the imaginings which follow- I hope I remember the why’s and the who for’s, I hope I never forget that fragile seven-year old girl who wanted nothing more than to write the things meant to help the people, to love the people

If these things which I dream of and pray for, are never granted passage, I hope I’ll embrace the answers even so… If I wake up, still here, twenty years from now, may gratitude be the one constant to clothe my spirit, and a disciplined habit be the one which led me to store treasure moments within my soul.

Even so/even if- that I never forget to cling to the grateful, embrace the miracle, savor the exceptional and find breathable life within the small things…


11 thoughts on “Even If…

  1. This is so beautiful, Misty…the quality of your writing absolutely convinces me that you will find an agent who will be lucky to represent you, a publisher which will be honoured by your name, and readers who will be blessed by your wise and gentle heart.

  2. This is a beautiful post, Misty! Remaining grateful and finding joy in the small things are so important in the midst of all the questions we have about how life will turn out and whether certain dreams will be fulfilled.

  3. I was drawn to your post at first because of the beautiful photo of the California coast. One of my favorite places to visit is Carmel, CA. But I loved how you took the word IF and created a beautiful gratitude list. If only we wouldn’t take some of the simple things for granted. Lovely post.

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