Goodbye, for now…

photo-1452827073306-6e6e661baf57I’m parting ways with Facebook tomorrow, at least in the personal sense… I’m still found there professionally, and honestly there is a Facebook Group that I am not wanting to lose contact with and I cannot quite figure out how to do that and quit the social media site altogether. For now, step one, I’ve deleted it from my phone.

It’s funny when you tell a cluster of friends that you were crying, or you are tired, the majority of them will quip about their own sadness or exhaustion; you tell a few people about your plans to abandon Facebook though, it’s interesting how many people feel you’ve shared some apocalyptic revelation. Facebook? Why? What did Facebook ever do to you? Are you ok? Are you dying? Are you dead? Are you ______?

So, allow me to clear things up… Nope, not dying, dead or the facing any other tragedies… I am a little tired of being inundated with so much opinion and so little personal interaction. I am a little weary of cute video after cute video but little to no relational substance. Even so, those reasons aren’t really enough (for me) to leave the platform all together. My husband has Facebook relationships I’m not in agreement with and he has (multiple times) insisted that my Facebook page is justification for the lies and rumors spread by others… STILL not necessarily reason enough. To put it simply, I’m tired. I’m tired of the two sides of people who appear in the wake of every controversial issue or tragedy, and how behind the confines of social media they find “courage” to attack one another, thus provoking more senselessness… And on a more personal level, I’m tired of a lack of intentional interaction between “friends”. What has happened to relationships? What has happened to intentional, sacrificial and sometimes uncomfortable effort and presence in each other’s lives?

I will not change anything by no longer showing up in people’s feeds… But for the life I live, and the relationships I have, I can change the world. That’s all I’m after… Today is all I’ve got, and I don’t want precious moments-turned-hours to be sucked up in a life less “social” experience chalk full of short videos and political rants.

I once felt like I had to have a personal Facebook to maintain relationships I didn’t really have outside of that platform any longer, but today I’m thinking that I’d rather pour my effort into the relationships I value most.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, for now…

  1. I’m feeling the same way about FB lately. I find I don’t visit as often and when I do it’s for shorter periods. I think it’s because I have another addiction and that’s WP, but at least here I find more honesty, truth and kindness in the blogs I follow.

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