Let us discuss…

Here it is, Conjuring week, day 3! I had some technical difficulties and couldn’t upload the actual trailer sent by the studio, but figured I would just link one from You Tube because it seems an unfair affair to be talking so much about this film and not share a preview with you… So, with that, here is a preview of The Conjuring 2

Pretty scary, right?

I’ve received a comment and a couple of emails about how it seems the actual story behind this installment seems so much less special effects and dramatic elements than the movie seems to portray. I would say, especially after the first film, that this is probably true. I don’t necessarily feel that is a bad thing. I love the feedback I receive from you guys! I truly, truly do… And on that note, have you entered my giveaway??? If not… Go. Do it. And keep up the dialogue and discussions!

Food for thought: How do you feel about the exaggeration in the details? Do you feel that things like that take away from the integrity of the actual story?

Your thoughts?

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